1BHK Flat in Lucknow

1BHK Flat in Lucknow

Getting a modern 1BHK Flat in Lucknow at an affordable price now become possible! We share premium flats to fulfill your dream of a luxurious lifestyle in Lucknow. So, join us to find out the best flat for you today! 

Today, getting a flat with modern amenities in your favorite place is a dream of many. With changing lifestyles, you shall upgrade your living by shifting to a flat as per your requirement. 1BHK flats were always in demand, they come in budget and bring most of the features one gets, compared to 2-3BHK. Besides, size, a 1BHK flat can be the best choice. These flats are built for smooth accommodation of 2 persons. Even these flats are comfortable for a family of 3. 

1Bhk Flat in Lucknow

We have good news for those who are planning to buy flats in Lucknow! Your search for a high-class residential flat in Lucknow will get over here, as we, Arsha Group are bringing a beautiful chance to book your 1BHK flat in Lucknow now! With our mission of Thinking Ahead, Arsha Group provides a complete chain for real estate properties you looking for. We are committed to sharing real estate projects like 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK flats in 2024. All the features you are looking for in your dream flat are bought by us in a single flat. Check our flat overview and the advantages of buying 1BHK flats. 

Prices of 1BHK Flat in Lucknow

The Arsha Infra focuses on developing the best at a minimum price. We offer a wide range of flats in Lucknow which are available at different prices, depending upon your requirements. Starting the minimum price of 1BHK flats in Lucknow, the price range increases as you proceed to buy 2-3BHK flats. We try to bring your dream flat with all modern services under budget. Believe us, the premier luxuries and amenities you will be getting in our flats are worth the price! 

Flat Overview 

Currently, we are providing 1 residency area in Lucknow. You can have the flat overview and also check the detailed overview of each location. On our website, you can also see the photos of the flats from the gallery section. Also, the site layout, floor plan, EMI calculator, loan details, and additional specifications are provided by us for each project. 

Arsha Madhav Residency

The most loved project by buyers is Arsha Madhav Residency which is connected to important landmarks like airports, hospitals, educational institutions, and most importantly Charbagh Railway Station. While constructing the flats of this residence we consider Vastu and also make economic friendly. You will experience access to modern amenities with 77.18% of the open-green areas for freshness. These well-designed flats are earthquake resistant which makes your life safe and comfortable. Today, Arsha Madhav Residence is a great return on investment. 

Special Amenities in 1BHK Flat in Lucknow

Our 1BHK Flat in Lucknow provides the following amenities to you: 

  • 24×7 CCTV Surveillance
  • 24×7 Water Supply
  • 24×7 Electricity Supply
  • Comprehensive Fire Fighting System
  • Solar Energy Utilization
  • Power Backup
  • Rain Water Harvesting System
  • Sewage Treatment Plant (S.T.P)
  • Eco-friendly and Vastu-compliant Design
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Two Elevators and Two Fire Exits per Tower
  • Lush Green Campus
  • Well-connected to Chinhat and Kisan Path

Advantages of Buying 1BHK Flats in Lucknow

These are some Special Advantages of 1BHK Flats in Lucknow in Arsha Madhav Residency.

Affordable Price Range

No doubt 1BHK flats are generally more affordable compared to 2-3BHK, making them ideal for first-time homebuyers, young professionals, or those on a budget. 

Lower Maintenance

With a smaller space, the cost of maintenance and other efforts gets reduced. Cleaning and upkeep of the flat becomes quicker and easier when you have a 1BHK flat. 

Energy Efficiency

Smaller spaces require less energy for heating, cooling, and lighting, leading to lower utility bills and a reduced environmental footprint. The flats shared by us effectively bring more luxurious facilities. 

Location Advantage

Buying a BHK Flat in Lucknow can be a very good advantage for you. As they are located in the best places in urban areas, this provides convenient access to work, amenities, and public transportation.

Ease of Furnishing

Decorating and furnishing a 1BHK flat is simpler and more cost-effective, allowing for beautiful and personalized living space without the need for excessive furniture.

Investment Potential: Due to their affordability and high demand, 1BHK flats can be a good investment option, offering decent rental yields and potential for appreciation in value over time.

FAQ – Solution to Your Some Queries

1) – What is the price of a 1BHK flat in Lucknow?

The 1 BHK multistorey apartments in Lucknow are available for sale at an average price of ₹25.1 Lac and median price of ₹23.8 Lac.
2) – Is 1 BHK worth it?

They are therefore a viable choice for investors or those on a tight budget. As one-bedroom apartments have greater rental yields, investors may experience a quicker return on their investment due to its lower price. 1 BHK apartments provide you with a sense of more security since they are small.
3) – What is the cost of rent in Lucknow?

Flats for rent in Lucknow are available in the price range of ₹5,000 – ₹28,000 with 1-5 BHK apartment types. You can choose rental flats in Lucknow from 710+ Brokerage Flats, 127+ Fully Furnished Flats, 151+ Builder Floors Apartments, and 22+ Single Room options.