New Residential Projects in Lucknow by LDA

New Residential Projects in Lucknow by LDA

Recently, New residential projects in Lucknow by LDA have been on sale. As we know Lucknow has become a hotspot for investing in residential houses. Whether you are searching for 2-3 BHK flats or a residential property for the house, you will find them in various areas of Lucknow. A big credit goes to the Lucknow Development Authority for that! Every year, the Lucknow Development Authority comes with several projects of various kinds. This brings a good opportunity for all investors and for those who want to settle in a house to buy a house or a flat. 

Among the new residential projects in Lucknow by LDA, next can be yours! For this, you have to be updated. This brings us to today’s topic, new projects by LDA for residential houses in Lucknow. If you are interested in this and want to know which will be the Best Residential Area in Lucknow, then make sure to read the full blog here.  

Our Recommendations

Before figuring out the New LDA residential projects in Lucknow, here are our recommendations for you! We highly recommend checking these two projects from Arsha Infra, both located a prime locations in Lucknow. We will take you the the LDA projects list in a while.

Arsha Sumangalam

Let’s start with the Arsha Sumangalam project. This is a well-known, counted among one of Lucknow’s best residential projects, offering a range of benefits that provide a modern lifestyle. This project is located in a prime area of Lucknow, where you can buy 2BHK, 3BHK and 3BHK+ residential properties including flats. They are designed to meet your budget and your expectations.

Living at Arsha Sumangalam means enjoying a variety of luxurious amenities! 

Best Place to Buy Property in Lucknow

At this project, you can explore various things, like being active and fit at the gym and refreshing at the swimming pool. Your children can play at in house club house as well as a playground. These facilities will keep your daily lifestyle interesting. 

The project makes sure of a seamless living experience with a reliable 24/7 supply of water and electricity, so you never have to worry about them. The campus area is fully secure which provides a safe and serene environment for families to live with peace of mind. 

Arsha Sumangalam isn’t just about a place to live; it’s about enhancing your quality of life!

Arsha Madhav Residency

While looking for the new residential projects in Lucknow by LDA, next we have Arsha Madhav Residency. This is a famous residential area developed by Arsha Infra, located along Kisan Path in Lucknow. 

An exceptional housing society that brings style, convenience, and affordability, making it an ideal choice for modern living. Arsha Madhav Residency stands out for its main location, providing easy access to all amenities that will make your living better. There are supermarkets, malls, and other essential conveniences nearby, ensuring that everything you need is right at your doorstep.

New Residential Projects in Lucknow by LDA

Whether you are interested in 2BHK or 3BHK flats, Arsha Madhav Residency caters to all your requirements which fits your budget. Each unit is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and stylish living space that caters to your lifestyle needs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of one of Arsha Madhav Residency!

Top 4 New Residential Projects in Lucknow by LDA

While searching online, you will find different residential projects in Lucknow. This makes it a little bit confusing to choose among them. So, we made the process easier for you! Currently, these are the top 4 New Residential Projects in Lucknow by LDA

LDA Anubhuti

You must be aware of the LDA Anubhuti Apartment which is located in the area of Aliganj, North Lucknow. This is an upgraded residential project in Lucknow that shares a comfortable modern lifestyle at an affordable price. As it is located in Aliganj, access to major roads, including Sitapur Road becomes a highlighting feature of it. It is developed in a 1.43-acre area having 40 well-designed units. You will experience space and a community feel in LDA Anubhuti. Now, it is a read-to-move project, which means you can purchase this project. 

Apartments of this residency come in different options. Mostly, 2BHK flats are very popular here which are around 524 Sqft. costing around Rs 26 Lakhs. 

Paarth Canary State

Heading towards the next project from the Lucknow Development Authority, we have Paarth Canary State. This is a good option where you can invest in luxurious residential property at an affordable price. This project promises a modern lifestyle to those who will be investing here. This is located in a well-connected part of Lucknow making sure you get access to all necessary services. It also covers a wide range of areas bringing a beautiful environment for you. The flats in this area are ready to move in, you can buy them for you today. Paarth Canary State is popular to provide 2BHK apartments at affordable prices in Lucknow.

Eldeco City Dreams

The next on the list of new residential projects in Lucknow by LDA, is Eldeco City Dreams. This is a popular residential project by Eldeco, one of Lucknow’s most known developers. Located in Mubarakpur, North Lucknow, you will experience modern living and affordability.

As it is in Mubarakpur, Eldeco City Dreams has excellent connectivity to the city through major roads like Sitapur Road. Now, all essential amenities will be available to you within a few minutes. This project covers a 0.92-acre area and offers a spacious and well-planned environment for comfortable living. Eldeco City Dreams features a variety of flats that suit different needs and budgets. There are 96 units in this area that are under construction. You will be able to buy your favourite residential property at Eldeco City soon. 

Chandra Shekhar Azad and Khudiram Bose Enclave

Last but not least, we have Chandra Shekhar Azad and Khudiram Bose Enclave on our list. This is a well-designed as well as budget-friendly residential project by Garva Group, located in Sarojini Nagar that comes under South Lucknow. This project holds creativity and comfort which makes it a perfect option for homebuyers. It will bring a quality lifestyle at an affordable price. 

This project is wide enough as it is spread over 3.85 acres. The area it covers is designed in a way that will give an experience of a peaceful environment. The project is brought to you by Garva Group, a reputable developer known for delivering quality homes in Lucknow.

Currently, it is also under development, the project will be available for booking once it is completed. 

Chandra Shekhar Azad and Khudiram Bose Enclave have about residential 720 units, mostly are 1 BHK flats. There are 400 1 BHK units available here. These have practical living space starting from Rs 29 Lakhs. 

FAQ – Solution of Your Queries

1 ) - Which is the best area to live in Lucknow?

The best area to live in Lucknow depends on your budget and priorities. Above we have shared a list of LDA approved projects in Lucknow, check them. 
2 ) - Which is the richest residential area in Lucknow?

Areas like Gomtinagar, Indra Nagar, Mahanagar, and Aliganj are the richest residential areas in Lucknow.
3 ) - Is it good to settle in Lucknow?

Lucknow, compared to many tier-I cities in India, boasts a lower cost of living, making it an attractive destination for professionals, students, and families seeking to settle down. The city offers a wide array of properties available for purchase or rent, with many options for buying houses or flats in Lucknow.

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